Discover the Leader Within

Our goal here at The Nimble Leader is to support your personal growth and development by providing you with information and tools that you can immediately use to make a difference in your leadership and your life.”

Leading edge organizations understand that in order to dramatically impact the company’s performance today and in the future, they need to invest in the development of their leaders. We work with individuals and organizations to help them enhance their leadership skills in order to drive growth and performance across the company. Services include:



Kathy Ryan is a dynamic presenter with over 15 years of speaking and training experience.  She is author of You Have to Say the Words: An Integrity-Based Approach for Tackling Tough Conversations and Maximizing Performance. A master storyteller, Ryan captivates audiences by mixing an entertaining presentation style with solid business content.



In-person seminars and workshops are an effective and impactful way for organizations to develop essential leadership skills and enhance team effectiveness.  Teleclasses and webinars conducted remotely using state of the art technology offer the same knowledge and skill development delivered in an alternative, cost-effective method.



Increasingly, organizational leaders are embracing coaching as a tool to help them achieve personal and organizational excellence. Leaders who operate at their full potential have an edge in the ever changing workplace. Coaching services can be provided to an organization for one or more of their employees for professional development.